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Devstream #93 Overview


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Oberon Prime
Oberon's recent changes will be available to console players when Oberon Prime goes live on all platforms on May 30
• Oberon Prime and his Prime Accessories shown HERE
• Oberon Prime should release with a narrated trailer


New Warframe
• The Warframe that is coming after Harrow was briefly teased
• This Warframe was designed by Keith Thompson, one of the designers of the original Warframes
• The weapon shown in the art will be altered somewhat on release -- she will be released with a custom hammer
• The theme will remain a mystery -- NOT samurai
• There are many members of the art team that have inherited Mynki's sensibilities, despite his departure


• New NPC in Harrow's Quest -- Paladino, a clairvoyant speaker for The Red Veil
• Harrow's alternate helmet shown
• Harrow's abilities have been updated to be less reliant on headshots, although headshots still confer a greater bonus
• Thurible can now be cast while moving
• Many small updates on power animations
• The descriptive text for powers has been shown to reflect these changes
• Watch Rebecca demo Harrow's updated gameplay HERE


• Keystone is a completely new game by Digital Extremes
• There is a small, separate team that's been working on this game -- its production will not affect Warframe
• You can sign up for the closed Alpha at playkeystone.com

Tennocon Updates
• Baro Ki'Teer will have his entire inventory available to digital and physical Tennocon pass holders, and will be available for 72 hours
• There is a list of content creators that will appear at Tennocon


Other Stuff
• The Equinox Alt Helmet that was shown a while ago has been delayed due to a technical error -- a corrupted zBrush file caused work done on it to be lost
• Operators will not be modded in the same way as Warframes, but there is major secret work being done on them -- tune in to Tennocon
• Multiplayer Simulacrum is coming
• Shieldgating will be released soon along with the Earth re-master
• In a coming update, Mods that are equipped to Sentinel weapons will be clearly denoted in the Arsenal UI
• New Wildlife creature (rodent) shown


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the real interesting parts...



duckface, I can't unsee it o.o


"Starta relay reconstruction site"....


interesting starchart you got there Rebecca o3o'


oh and thank you for the overview AM-Bunny^^

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9 minutes ago, AM-Bunny said:

Other Stuff

I know it's not your fault and I'm grateful for what you're doing here - but I'm more than a bit miffed that they didn't say anything regarding their Gamescom attendance again. And the only person from the community team to answer my message was @[DE]Glen who john-snow'ed.

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The updates to Harrow certainly do a lot to resolve the issues raised last time. Also interesting to see how effective he is at building his own shields. Guessing it's just for himself, but then that could be a Condemn augment perhaps, to share the shield recovery at a diminished rate to allies.

As for the tease of Lady 34...the motif is very Japanese, but with the Hammer and Not Samurai, part of me is wondering either 'smith' or something relating to metal in some form at present. Not too sure if it's the right aesthetic to shout 'spiritual/shaman' but then again, those decorative pauldrons may say otherwise.

Past that, just curious what's going to be entailed, seeing as we're essentially entreating with a sybil by the looks of things? Curious.

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6 minutes ago, Noioiy said:

What do you mean Mynki's departure?

Does he not work with DE anymore?

Correct, Mynki left Digital Extremes, and Geoff is now the lead art director.

However, there are many members of the art team that have been around since the beginning, and Keith Thompson is responsible for some of the classic Warframe designs like Volt.

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Oooh, they mentioned something that would've been awesome, make his Thurible a summoned flail weapon that will leave behind or spreads toxic gas clouds. They could probably just use that as skill 3 and turn the existing Thurible skill into his passive, with the "charge" scaling passively off each player's current energy level or something

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I'm curious of what that new frame's theme is going to be. My two guesses are either a gladiator frame or an iron maiden (torture) frame. Definitely like the new Harrow changes. He now looks to be an alternative to Trinity in terms of game play and mechanics.

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I am interested in the teased frame more than harrow, I am sure he will be a nice addition to our already large warframe family but that teased frame she looks promising as a good offensive frame  



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