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Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.4


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4 minutes ago, jesper91802 said:

well still waiting for his low damage to be fixed 

For me Oberon's damage is fine, it's more the fact his CC is pretty shoddy on his expensive 'ultimate' that has a four second blind and an on death mechanic for an ability that can't consistently kill....


and of course the 'synergy' he got. Everyone AROUND oberon gets good power interactions. Oberon gets told 'you want half of reckoning or renewal? use hallowed ground.' I will never like that. I will not enjoy that is a thing in the overwhelming evedance DE can has and will do better with interactions, and why is DE so dead set for punishing us for being team players by escalating heal costs? I get wanting to make heal a thng costly enough that leaving it on full time is impractical, but at the same time making it so i have to decide if I want to keep heal on, or using abilities in anything other than a high densit crowd bugs me. Swapping from a 95% eff to 130% eff build does help, but it's still a thing to me.

I get that you're busy, but this is Prime Access. Y'know, the point where you want us to fork over money for things. Why is oberon simply 'fine' instead of 'Holy FSM I NEED that!' Right now if other frames were like oberon it'd be 'oh hey Rhino your stomp only lifts enemies if you use roar and only the 180 degrees in front of you is lifted unless you heavily invest in range mods,' or 'hey trinity wanna cast bless? Guess what. You gotta use well of life if you want to get the full effect.' or 'oh hey chroma. You want to use vex armor right? You LOVE vex armor ya? Well, gotta use effegy for vex to get its full effect.'


Am I making myself clear? the only frames that have powers dependant on powers (limbo, nidus) have ways of scavanging energy, and the powers that depend on other powers do a hell of a lot to the point that those are some of the best frames for their niche.

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