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temporary knockdown invincibility after getting knock down


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you should never be stunlocked and die. its one of those mechanics that should never exist ina a game. you should never die and not have been able to do anything about it.

suggestion is to add a 2 - 3 second invulnaribilty to being knock down if you were just knocked down. enough time to get a few melee hits in or escape somehow or something.

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im ok with getting knocked down

but i do find that my incredibly agile space-ninja Tenno gets up from getting knocked down like a 90 year old man does


having enemies knock me around like a ragdoll is fine, but let me get back on my feet like the badass that I am (recovery speed mods perhaps?)

new recovery flip-up animations that draw stamina?

have stamina play more a part in how easy it is to knock a warframe down? more stamina = you get up faster, less stamina = knockdown easier and slower to recover

etc, etc

I can do this all day =]

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I think you should be immune to CC effect while you are in the animation of standing up from being knocked over or in the process of recovering from a stun. Past that you should be vulnernable.

By preventing the AI from stacking stuns as easily it would alleviate the worst of it and you don't have to make the invulnerability window too long.

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