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nyx mind control not working? also revives not working?


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i got the nyx a few hrs ago and the only mobs that looks like the mind control works on it bosses and Ancient Disruptor. Most of the time when I use it on a grineer they keep aiming at a friendly but not shooting. Still didnt test on all mobs types yet and bosses.

A small bug where i get downed my team cant revive me, the bar fills up to part way then drops or even full but i still dont get back up. This only happened on my nyx but it might just be lag bc it was trying to reload my hand gun over and over for the time i was downed.

Edit: Revives post already started b4 me. Also not just the nyx WF problem. Link to post: https://forums.warfr...revive-players/

Edit 2: It looks like the Mind Control his a hit or miss on the mobs atking just did a few more games. Sometimes they sit there and do nohting other times they atk their friends.

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i've had a few revival issues myself.. Example stood over characters and no X prompt appears so they die no matter how hard u try to revive.. another is mid revival the person just dies.. even though on my screen it still shows i was reviving them and all the sudden it stops they instadeath. there seem to be a few revival bugs.

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