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Impressions, thoughts, and some priority suggestions.


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In the spirit of contributing to a beta-phase game (and hopefully helping to improve the game), I've got some feedback & suggestions to share!

First off, I want to say this game is fairly impressive in its current state. It's been a while since I've picked up a shooter without it putting me off immediately. This game has not done so. Movement (both aiming and general travel) feels good, animation looks great, and the graphics look pretty good overall (thanks for having good graphics options and the ability to turn off Bloom).

As always though, along with the good; there's always some bad. The warframe & weapon skillpoint system feels pretty good (gives you good benefit for your efforts). However, I feel like immediately locking people into a specific warframe they choose at the start of the game is a bit harsh. My friends and I have probably put a good 6 hours into this game so far and the only one of us with access to different warframes is the one who got the Platinum pack and invited us. I realise there's a way to build more warframes, but I think easy access should be offered to the basic warframes.

In 6 hours, I have noticed the same 'tilesets' being reused repeatedly. I realise that's a problem without an easy solution, but games like this are hard to stick to when repetition drives you away.

Regarding lag: I have noticed when playing with 3 of my friends that the game seems severely laggy, this may be host based or server based; something I haven't had a chance to look into. However, it needs to be addressed. Either the enemies are completely unresponsive (and ridiculously easy to kill), or you die without knowing what's even going on.

Now with some suggestions:

- Allow players to share ammo. One person out? Let players hit a key to toss some of their ammo to them!

- Blueprints: Allow the player to view the stats of the item before they make the sizable investment (time, resources and credits) of building it.

- When viewing skill trees, make tooltip information cumulative. Example: Shield capacity nodes showing "150 ^200" even after another shield capacity node is trained (So basically on the 2nd shield capacity upgrade it should be saying "200 ^250").

- Create an option to change which side the over-the-shoulder camera is on (and mirror the character so the gun is toward the middle).

- Add a way to cancel a mission vote. Ctrl+Click on the map node or pop up a "Cancel vote" button.

- In dark areas, limit flashlight constraints so the flashlight can't be displayed behind the character without the character rotating.

- Add a "Remember password" option to login screen.

All in all, this game has great promise and is a breath of fresh air among an ocean of dime a dozen free to play games. Having some skill requirement added to the F2P MMORPG market is much appreciated. I look forward to sticking around and seeing changes & new content being brought to this game!

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