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Mouse sensitivity AIM BUG.

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In options of mouse sensitivity I have set: Mouse sensitivity to 5 and Mouse AIM sensitivity to 10, because when I'm aiming the screen in zoomed and I want screen to move faster. And here I found a problem a bug.
My mouse at speed 5 moves OK, but while Aiming it moves slower, when I set (AIM) sensitivity higher for example 20, while aiming screen moves even slower. But when I chose (Aim) sensitivity 0 it moves faster. So yeah in settings this option is reversed, MORE = SLOWER, LESS = FASTER.
I though this bug was fixed in hotfix, because I wanted to scan simaris target and Scanner worked fine as it should, mouse speed while aiming is faster as I wanted to be [Mouse sensitivity = 5, mouse aiming sensitibity = 10]. While aiming with weapon is slower than without aiming while having , because the option for weapons must be reversed.
Please fix that.

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