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Be Nicer Please?


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Today I was playing a match on Terminus, trying to level up my recently acquired Dark Dagger. Trying to level up a melee weapon of course, meant that I was meleeing a lot.

It just so happened to I joined another player who started ordering me and some other poor fellow in the server around.

I know, I should have stuck to solo. But still.

I got into that server, and the first thing he/she said was:

Stop rushing forwards.

Stop rushing forwards like retards.


Work as a team.

Now I have no issues with working as a team. But if you're gonna call me a retard, I think I'll not follow your 'orders'.

The game ended with him telling me to 'wait' with 20 seconds left on the clock, which ended in the mission being failed.

Terminus. Failed.

So please, can people be nicer? and if someone's got more than three lights on his arm, it probably means they can walk through Terminus without firing a single shot.

Sorry for the rant.

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You just met the wrong teamates dood~

I've met a few like that around the system~

and I agree that they have some problems~

I feel like these are the guys that complained on wanting PVP~

the rage happy guys that like ordering people around and calling them crude deragatory names~

but don't worry you'll meet alot of good people in there too~

just be patient and stay calm dood~

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