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Frost passive change to Ice armor [TOTALLY EDITED]

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11 hours ago, Ordosan said:

and thats your opinion..cuz I think frost is one of the coolest looking frames in the game...so much so that I was gonna make his big &#! leather coat.

I only don't like Prime that much. He need more gold parts, you can clearly see that it's prime only because of his helmet. Otherwise you need to take a look at different stripes.... :/
But never mind for me, I'm using his Deluxe skin.

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On 2017-6-13 at 11:24 PM, IfritKajiTora said:

In my opinion Frost passive is useless on higher leveled missions, because you can be killed with one melee hit.

Hmm... well, sadly passives very rarely have any actual effect in game that's actually a game changer. Nidus has a passive heal, and an active heal ability, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get one-shot, his second passive 'undying' is what does that conditionally. Saryn has proc extension time, which is awesome for her, while Ash has longer bleed procs, awesome for him, and Octavia has energy regen boost if she has energy regen already such as Energy Siphon or Zenurik. The most game changing passives in the game, as it stands, are Limbo, with his dodge roll becoming his Rift Walk, and also actually Zephyr, who has passive low gravity making you change how you play both frames.

Frost's passive is not supposed to make him tanky, it's supposed to be a cool interaction in a situational environment.

If you want actual damage protection, Snow Globe has a short period of literal invulnerability during the cast, one that also throws back enemies for physics damage (up to 50% of base health as Finisher damage, bypassing armour, depending on what they hit and how hard).

The issues are two-fold, the first is that with Globe and energy available, and with active movement such as sliding, aim-gliding, wall-running and so on causing accuracy debuffs on enemies, and also with dive rolls causing you to take 75% less damage, you should have no reason to be taking damage up until the point where any single  accidental shot will kill you outright. The second issue is this; at the point of one-shot damage, armour value is going to do very little, because if a stray hitscan can ping you for all of your health and shield by accident, think of what a melee strike or bombard rocket will do.

Play smart, exploit movement, exploit Snowglobe's innate invincibility time, you will last far longer than simple armour buffs will let you.

That aside, there's this argument to address:

On 2017-6-13 at 11:33 PM, Shufly said:

Why his passive isn't immunity to frost/cold status and damage reduction is still a mystery to me.

The opposite goes for Ember, and toxic for Sayrn.

This is not a matter of balance, this is a matter of gameplay and the overall response when the Devs have been asked in the past is that they aren't addressing elemental resistances for any frame. Now they haven't given a more specific reply, but there have been instances of them stating something that's quite similar (like when they were addressing the 'blocking with melee reduces incoming damage', and that's to do with one simple concept... wait for it... no resistance to damage comes for free.

That's it. You don't get resistance to fire or cold for free. If it's a passive, that's free damage reduction. All damage resistance is active. You cast an abillity, reduce damage or even prevent it, you mod for high armour, you're sacrificing mod slots that could improve abilities, you take a sword-and-shield for 85% damage reduction, and that's at the expense of only getting reduction when in melee mode and only when blocking.

If you want to call that 'balance' then sure, it's where everyone is equally vulnerable.

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6 hours ago, Thaylien said:

Frost's passive is not supposed to make him tanky, it's supposed to be a cool interaction in a situational environment.

Well his passive isn't right now, it's just RNG, and it's not helping anyway, compared to other's passive.
But hoping that DE working on some good passives to all Warframes that have useless passives.

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This isn't gonna work properly for one simple reason.


When shields in Warframe taking too much damage and destroyed, all "unspend" damage going straight into your health, ignoring any armor value. So this ability will only be useful on low-lvl missions, where enemies deal low damage to the shield.

This is exact reason why we need "Shield gating", and if it will be introduced, it will make proposed passive useless.


I suggest "cold aura" which give enemies in 5m radius cold proc when Frost using any ability.

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On 15.06.2017 at 8:13 PM, letir said:

all "unspend" damage going straight into your health, ignoring any armor value.

What? I don't understand that line.  Almost all damage to health is reduced by armor.
When his shield go to 0, he will gain 500 armor for 3 seconds, and by that way after Frost shield goes to 0 he will gain damage reduction to health for short time (3 seconds)

I wasn't in a situation where I was one shot to death while having full health and shield.
You can even fake the effect, shield is unaffected by armor, so 500 armor bonus can be turned ON always when he have shield, and when he run out of shield the passive is still working for 3 seconds.

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