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Awoken Into Darkness - Planning And Ideas Thread


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Link to the Story: Awoken Into Darkness - A Community-Driven Fan Fiction

Okay you folks,

I am going to write a small short story. It is going to be about a small group of Tenno (a team of four, to keep it in line with max, in-game team amounts) and I am going to develop characters for each.

HOWEVER, I am going to take a page out of the whole 'choose your own adventure' books of old. I will write up to a certain point, then ask the community what you think should happen next. I will take one of those answers (without telling anyone) and then continue the story in that arc. Once the new part is posted, I will announce who's idea I liked!

So first up, here is the starting decision;

Give me a team of four Tenno; including types, position (such as melee, leader, support etc.) and you reasons why you think they would be a good team. Remember, this is not to decide their personalities... I have already got an idea of those, but I want the basic team of four and your reasons why you think they would rock.

I will also take weapon suggestions too!

Let me know what you guys think!

EDIT: Yes, I will be using the personalities form the "I am X." series I have been writing!

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Team of four:

Excalibur to take the lead, because that is what you made him to be. He also seems to have gotten the most love from you, depth-wise, making him pretty much the first choice for a protagonist role. Rhino & Trinity (Pure coincedence, I swear. :3) for fire/healing support, covering all bases. Adding Loki as a specialist. These three should give you brutish, caring and prankster angles to play with. It also allows for inter-group dynamics, with a single female, if you want to explore that, and you can use Loki as a Deus Ex Machina if things go sideways. Rhino can also substitute for the sacrifice position, if needed. The composition would give you two strong male, one being lead, the other either as a senior "father" figure or a friendly rival/competitor. Loki can also be comic relief.

Should work.

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First post is up!

I am going with Excalibur as a leader, as he seems to fit the bill as a good all-rounder.

I am also going with a Rhino in the team, but I am still in a toss-up between the last two members.

If you want to start throwing in what you would like to see, then go for it!

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Just read it, SilverBones you have outdone yourself! This is brilliant! Can't wait to see more. As for the other two members I like Mag and Loki, the Original Four. For no reason other than nostalgia really but I think it would provide a good dynamic.

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Loki seems to be a popular favorite.

I really want a female character in the team for the challenge of realistically writing one. Mag and Trinity seem to also be popular with a nod to the Nyx. However, since I am using my personalities from the "I am..." series, I am not sure Nyx would be a good choice :)

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Id throw in Ash

as the mysterious Dark Dagger killer/ stealthy one, who always appears behind everyone without noticing him until last xD (been that kind of person when i was like 12, not the dagger thing! :3)

Weapons: Boltor and Afuris

if you have Excalibur, Rhino and Ash, i would bring Ember as the

HotHotHot female complement, wielding a Latron, Dual Heatsword and maybe Lex or the new Kraken, though the Kraken seems to be a bit large for such a petite young lady.

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So.... I am going to re-write this whole thing.

Some of the imagry is off, and my thoughts on the Tenno race have changed since writing this story.

Like other writers before me, I have to look at my creation and throw it away. Sad times, but neccesary.

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