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Drop Rates, Datamines, and Digital Extremes (DDD).

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2 hours ago, -JT-_-R3W1ND said:

So, how i should now know a riven disposition of a melee?

You even mention numbers in patchnotes, lol. I just wanna a simple table with all weapons.

While its not the ideal solution, it might help in the meantime, if you have a riven for a weapon type that is still veiled, go to the mod screen for that weapon and the disposition should be displayed. If you don't have an veiled riven or a unveiled riven for that weapon type, you can't see the disposition normally.

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11 hours ago, Ultimate_Vault_Hunter said:

You have over 5500 posts and have never seen an Umbra leak on the forums? Right. Probably never drank any water or breathed any air either.

Yes, actually. And I prided myself on it. I don't read the Umbra megathread really, stay away from it. And I know where in Reddit to stay away from. 

Spoilers, especially those obtained through datamining, are not allowed on the forums. It should not be considered unreasonable to expect the forums to be kept clear of them, and for those who know better to avoid posting such. 

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On 6/22/2017 at 2:59 PM, Buldozers said:

You should have provided this info long ago. Codex never showed the drop chances, only rarity and that's why we loved the dataminers.

Good thing they are working on it now. Right? After all DE has been working on lots of Content, Quests, Many UI Changes, Bugs ext over the years. The list could go on. All great stuff I care more about then drop rates.



Many free to play games out there care about this stuff too but I found NONE as intimately connected to the community as WARFRAME.

-- I like being surprised by what they come up with.

-- Ive been playing the game a long time - Longer then any other game out there. It's nice to see drop rates YES - Thanks. 

It's not my job to show the sheep which pasture to go into. I did not need to go into some random website to find Drop rates; I just needed to know where to find Drop rates in game files. I never really used it much either because I like to play the game more then digging through code. DE is going to make it easier. Sweet!


Haven't they shown us already that it's OK to hold them accountable? "even though this is a free to play game".

-- I believe you, like many others just want to have the gratification that you said something and somebody else said something about what you said.

I'm sure DE appreciates how passionate the Community is about these things and I definitely understand both sides.

My point here after all this rambling is;

Let them respond and stop rubbing it in their face. They are not the evil Empire.

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This information should have been available to users a long time ago.

"But a visual guide isn't as good as numbers; datamining provided those. That's something we lived with and at some times appreciated..."

You knew dataminers existed and took their work to your advantage DE, now that something that shouldn't have happened, happened, and the community didn't respond well to your actions, you hurry to build your own "numbers" to include in the game when this crucial feature should have been implemented long ago. In my opinion, this gives you no right to put the blame on datamining which helped your players including me.

Otherwise, I'm happy and grateful for the ongoing work into the issue, just hope you don't put so much blame on datamining and that it doesn't take too long to add this feature since the unvaulting of mag and rhino is due in a month.

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