Can we please start to see drop tables in game through the codex? I feel the codex could be used instead of the website to display drops in game with values. I am proposing we add drop tables to every mission and enemy in game and here is how: 1) Missions and Game Modes: The Missions section of the codex should be edited to include all Drop Tables and percentages for every and all rewards/rotations. Having tabs for each node and including all percentages could give players who play the game mode at least once a clear representation of drops. This concept would be for every mission and game type aside from Trials. Trials should bring up a drop table and value list for every Arcane for Normal and Nightmare for The Law of Retribution and The Jordas Verdict respectively. Concept is below: 2) Enemy Loot Tables and Percentages: This should be pretty self-explanatory. Every enemy in the codex should reveal their drop tables and percentages after fully scanning them. This includes warframe parts, mods, and endo amounts (Common Endo should reveal as "15 ENDO" in a bronze color rather than the word "ENDO" in a bronze color.). Example: 3) Riven Disposition Riven Disposition should stay as the 1-5 circle system to be easy to understand in the Arsenal. However, in the codex, leveling a weapon to 30 should then reveal the exact Riven Disposition value (Example: Hema is neutral, so the appropriate circles are displayed in arsenal, but the codex shows a disposition of "1"). These additions should also be considered when fixing the codex entirely, especially these issues: I feel these changes could promote the codex, and let players use their tools to discover the data on their items or mission rewards without the crutch or reliability of a 3rd party website. Constructive feedback is welcome, and I will be updating this post weekly and read through comments.