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Loki Mod "Power Strength"


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I just got this Loki Mod and it confuses me a little bit.

From what I understand, a power strength mod makes your abilities do more damage, but Loki warframe has no abilities that do direct damage.

Is this mod really that useless (for Loki obv) or I am missing something?

Should this mod be Power Duration instead of Strength? Increasing the time of Decoy, Stealth, Stun after Swap...

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It's 100% useless. Such mods exist.

Max Rifle Ammo boosters for the Snipetron, Clip Size Increase for the Bronco., Crit Mods for the Bolto family ... none of them have any effect.

And Power Range/Duration is a poor mod, because not all frames have only ranged powers or only lasting powers. I think, Trinity is the only one with purely ongoing powers. So those mods may be useless or of diminished use, too.

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