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WTS Lanka - Rubico - Vulkar - Latron Riven - Arcanes - Arcanes Helmets

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Arcane Helmets:

  • Excalibur Pendragon 550pl sold
  • Banshee Chorus 550pl sold
  • Rhino Vanguard 550pl
  • Coil Mag 250pl
  • Gauss Mag 200pl


  • Grace Set (x10) 2000pl



  • Lanka Critican 800pl
  • Lanka Criti-vexican 700pl
  • Lanka Visicron 700pl (sold)
  • Vulkar Critasis 1000pl
  • Latron Criti-acriada 800pl
  • Dread Acriata 1300pl (SOLD)
  • Rubico Crita-acribin 800pl
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