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Warframe Attributes


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With the recent patch Warframes now carry Base Attributes unique of one another which has added a new set of characteristics on how to build our Warframes. Considering that all Warframe mods are bases on increasing the base values of Warframes by their base Attributes they can completely change how we play the game.

I have tried to make most of the information more accessible to fellow players by founding out the base Attributes I could and then I put them on the Wikia today. However there are three Attributes I could not find out myself: Shield Recharge, Stamina, and Movement speed(I am not sure if there are mods for this stat that can help found this base value) and I would appreciate it if anyone would help by finding that information and putting it on the wikia along with the other base attributes so that we can all benefit from the knowledge.

Also I would like to take the moment to say what the specific attribute differences are between each Warframe:

*The following is said with the average base attributes being 75 Health, 150 Shield, 50 Armor, and 25 Melee Damage"

Volt: 40 less Armor

Loki: 10 more Melee Damage, 75 less Shield

Excalibur: 10 more Melee Damage

Excalibur PRIME: 10 more Melee Damage, 75 more Health, 75 less Sheild

Trinity: 75 more Health, 75 less Shield, 40 less Armor

Ember: 10 more Melee Damage, 40 less Armor

Rhino: 100 More Armor, 75 more Health, 10 more Melee Damage, moves noticeably slower

Mag: Average Base Attributes

Ash: 10 More melee damage, 75 more Health, 50 less Shield

Frost: 100 more Armor, moves noticeably slower

Nyx: 75 more Health, 40 less armor, 50 less Sheild

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