it doesn't matter what frame you have it on, what your energy pool is like you can always equip quick thinking and it does come in handy when you're playing against end game content. but there is a downside to using this mod. You are prone to staggering when you're health touches zero and starts to drain energy. This might not sound like such a bad thing but if you manage to heal for a tiny bit again you can get staggered again when it touches zero again (getting stagger 2 times in a row: you can not move or attack). At that point you have depleted your energy pool are lying on the ground downed. Ive gotten staggered up to 4 times in a row one time. you might as well not be playing the game. just watching your warframe flail around until it finally dies. Anti stagger mods (there are like 2 if knockdown prevention counts as preventing stagger) and none of them work against quick thinking stagger.   Solutions:
temporary invulnerability for 3-4 seconds with a 3min cooldown
every time quick thinking is triggered consecutively with in a half second window your health is restored but your shields regen is cut in half for 10 seconds. out of all the things that can interpret your game playing (hooked n dragged, knockdown, magnetized) staggering is the worse thing ever  put into this game and naturally it doesn't even happen often. I still remember from closed beta where grineer rollers would swarm and stun lock you if you didn't kill them in time.
Quick thinking is pretty much vital to all caster type frames and its not like there is any alternatives to give a tiny bit of survivability to caster frames.