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Sword & Shield weapons bugged (with skins and without)

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Hello again. Just reporting another bug that I've come across, which see someone else has also reported on. However, this bug seems to go further than just being an issue with Harrow. As shown in the following image, the shield for Sword & Shield weapons seems to be flipped, causing the side that's meant to be on the arm to face outwards while the actual exterior-facing segment is now resting on the arm:

However, this bug also persists with what seems to be every warframe (albeit not quite as severe, but still relatively noticeable). Due to the amount of links, I will only embed a few more images and provide the rest of the images as links, but you'll see throughout each image that the shield is now improperly positioned (and in the case of Oberon's Prime, regular, and Deluxe skins, positioned differently for all 3 skins). Keep in mind that the shield has not been re-angled or re-positioned on any of these images; they are all set to the default position and angle settings. I also apologize in advance if this seems like I'm trying to show off my 'fashion-frames' (still don't understand why that's apparently a thing), as that is not my intention.

First image (Chroma Deluxe skin, but his regular and Tennogen skins have the shield positioned exactly the same):

Second image (Excalibur Proto-Armor skin, but the issue persists just like how it does for Chroma):

Third image (Hydroid; just like Excalibur and Chroma, all skins seem to carry the same bug):

Further examples of this issue:
InarosIvara (Tennogen and regular skins are both affected), Limbo (it looks okay from the front, but looking from behind shows the shield as being out of position), LokiMagMesaMirageNekrosNezhaNidusNovaNyx, Oberon (Deluxe, regular, and Prime; Prime looks okay from the front, and the angle I provided is somewhat bad due to my color choices, but the shield isn't even making contact with the arm), OctaviaRhino (Palatine skin only for this image, but the positioning is the same across the Prime, Regular, and Tennogen skins), Saryn (Prime only image, but the issue is across all skins), TitaniaTrinity (Prime only image, but the issue is across all skins), Valkyr (Prime only image, but the issue is across all skins), Vauban (Prime only image, but the issue is across all skins), Volt (Prime only image, but the issue is across all skins), Wukong.

There are still several frames I don't have and can't look into, but just looking at them from the arsenal station, they still seem to have the same issue going on with the shield for sword & shield weapons, regardless of whether a skin is in use or not. This issue originally started happening to Harrow only after the recent update that intially brought him into the game (hotfix 21.0.1), and the other frames being affected by this bug started shortly after hotfix 21.0.4 was pushed through. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it looks like something in the rigging might have gone awry after these hotfixes were applied. Hopefully this gives some insight as to what might have caused these bugs to start happening.

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