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Suggestion: Reduce/change Tenno footstep sound.


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I don't know if you guys ever watched any historic documentaries about ninjas, but they certainly didn't stomp ground like even the lightest warframe does.

The boot is obvioulsy flexible, since it bends when we are crouched, so it has got to be made out of some sort of polymer that could accomodate a sound muffling material attached to the bottom.

You guys think about the Tenno as Ninjas, but i think you are going the wrong way about this. I know that Warframe is an idea you guys have been thinking about for.. what.. two years now? But ninjas didn't wear enhancile armor. Do you know who was stealthy and wore enhancile armor? The Predator..

Watch some Predator movies.. how he walks (Kevin Peter Hall, the original predator, was a Mime), how he crouches, how he looks around.. how he interacts with the environment. Tenno should be more like Predators... and Predators don't stomp ground.

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