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Phantom Vanguard - TOP 3 in Last 3 Events | Active Discord with WF builds and tips | Full Research | Mastery rank 10+ |

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Phantom Vanguard


Phantom Vanguard is an endgame, competitive clan. While its sister clan Remnants of the Void is catered towards more competitive players, Phantom Vanguard offers a more casual environment where players are still required to give their contribution in keeping the competitive nature of the clan – such as participating during events - but to a less strict degree. We have active members across the globe, with hundreds of players online during the day; you'll always be able to find someone to grind and group up with. We have achieved top scores in clan events for the past 3 years.

As a member of Phantom Vanguard, you will have access to our award-winning dojo, complete with full research, an active drydock, and a plethora of beautifully decorated rooms. We provide comprehensive guides for meta farms throughout the game. Our members maintain a collection of 2700 builds for every item in the game, allowing you to simply look up a weapon or Warframe and find optimized and meta builds.

What we offer:
- Rank 10 Moon Clan.
- Full research, including the Hema (Ignis Wraith available via our sister clan, RV). Drydock built & decorated.
- A vibrant, active 4,000-person community.
- Custom clan events.
- Frequent giveaways.
- Extremely high activity both in-game and in Discord.
- Friendly, active, and generous members assisting new and returning players.

Who we are looking for:
- Minimum requirements to join are MR10+.
- Participation in events and Warframe operations - each operation has a mandatory minimum, often equates to 1h of gameplay.
- Exceptions can be made for players with more than 20,000 points in Orphix Venom or 500h+ (in-game profile hours).
- Active clanmates; players who run endgame content, participate in events, donate to dojo, help their clanmates, or simply being an active presence in chat.
- Exceptional players in their field; from dojo decorators to builders to Eidolon hunters, we are a home for anyone who is a pinnacle of their craft.

To receive an invite, either leave a post here, PM one of our recruiters in-game, or join our Discord server.



Award-winning Dojo



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54 minutes ago, Incordial said:

Currently at MR7 and interested in joining the clan.

IGN: Incordial


3 minutes ago, RealRageMaster said:

I am interested in joining your clan. I am fairly new. My name in-game is RealRageMaster.


9 minutes ago, Psignifer said:

Hello, I would like to join the clan.


IGN: Psignifer   


Invitations sent

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4 hours ago, CaptRusty said:

I would like to join. MR 15, IGN: RustyArmadillo. Thanks!


4 hours ago, Ado_65 said:

I would like to join 

MR: 7

IGN: Ado_65

Sent the invitation. 

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