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The Obion Three Tenno concept

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The Obion Three are an old idea of mine. They're some of the oldest tenno and one of the first to awaken. The leader of the Obion Three naturally came with a prime suit,and is the most dangerous of them all. The leader proved themself by slipping into a Corpus Moa Factory to recover two stolen frames and coming out unseen after causing a meltdown of the industrial complex, destroying it all without being seen...by any potential witness.

They're employed, specifically, to hunt for any stolen warframes or unawakened tenno that have been taken to places that are either too difficult to find through conventional tenno means, or too dangerous for the regular tenno. This is their primary purpose. Their second is scouting unknown areas and looking for any missing ships.

The idea behind the Obion Three was that they would be introduced via a quest where you're looking for a warframe (Maybe my Kankritos Insect Plague), and be used from there, usually appearing during great boss battles. They could also be used in the new open world where the leader would give you missions for special rewards (Lots of endo or credits. Simple idea, but I don't know how the open world will be). In addition, most of their missions, as stated above, would involve highly dangerous missions, usually with many defensive traps, like in the Kuva Fortress, enemies with enhanced equipment, and the 'bosses' or, preferably, minibosses, striding around, supervising everything.

This wouldn't force the players to follow a solely stealthy playthrough of the mission, but these enemies aren't the usual run-of-the-mill cannon fodder. Fret not, for the Obion Three are always in the shadows, and if you happen to be caught, will appear on occasion during the mission, destroying the enemies around you and vanishing afterwards, the leader chastizing you for not following the way of the Tenno.

This concept is pretty raw as I haven't worked on it in a long time, but someone wanted me to share it here, so here it is. This'll be the basis for me to work on.


Further ideas (As discussed with Abelcadabra):

The Obion three could also stop you in the Plains of Eidolon, for only the FIRST time, warning you about any gigantic bosses you want to face, perhaps by appearing out of thin air and kicking you down. Any subsequent times would only be via comms, otherwise that would be annoying.

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