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Suggestion - warframe visual and armor upgrade system


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Hi, guys.

Here's what I suggest:

Add a visual upgradeable slots in warframes.

For example

Slot -1 Chest armor plating.

Needed resources: 500 rubedo 200 alloy and so on

Craft time - 3 days.

After installation it fits into your warframe like a chest reinforcement plate and changes a bit of your warframe's visual style.

Also it adds special attributes like armor.

Also you can make a lot more of these visual upgrades available for crafting and purchase.

These upgrades will be something different than mods, and require much more time for craft and installation, but in the end you will get your individual warframe with total different visual style and view.

You might as well craft shoulder armor, new helmets and helmet attributes, backpack upgrades... all these kind of things which will change your suit into something more with a big variety of effects and new properties.

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