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Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.8 +


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There is still no fix for kuva missions, Kuva braids have a chance to pump in Guardian Eximus attack drones instead of kuva, and this is just give us more time to wait. besides, we can know when those attack drones are spawned when the sound of the kuva braid only starts and stops. 

Please fix this: 


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i forgot to say that the sound of the kuva braid is KONENANANGANAGANANGANENGANA- then stops. or else its EEERREAREAAERAAEARERAEAEA or its EEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRYRYAYRAEAYEAEYA(kill me pls)
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1 minute ago, SevenSinsofHell said:

There is no reason to see "Kuva" more then nessecary... only need to see it when you are to re-roll Rivens.
- When you mark an riven it shows in top-left corner the amount of Kuva you have.

Or use the Resource in "Foundry"/Inventory to see your total kuva-amount if your desperate to know.

Why should one perform more actions to check the resource? When kuva is directly related to mods *riven mods*. For those who say that "kuva" is spoilers, its amount can be hidden till one does not complete that quest. I don't usually remember how much of *resource* I have, so quickly entering "Mods" would allow to check amount and roll some mods if I have kuva to do that without selecting any riven mod, because again it takes auxilary actions.

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Whenever I sprint after I started spreading out my Ignis Wraith, it would cancel the shooting and forcing me to left click again AFTER sprinting, which is kinda edgy and not good for smooth recording gameplays. Please fix this, thank you. But if it's part of the game, well eh, I'll live with that.

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12 minutes ago, DERealMegan said:

Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.8


  • The Stalker can no longer apply Nyx's passive to disarm enemies hit with Absorb due to being so powerful it crashed your game. Stalker pls.
  • Removed the Chat Relay Message of the Day (MoTD) when in Iron Wake.

Riven Fixes:

  • Fixed missing Sheev and Dual Heat Sword Rivens.
  • Fixed Dark Split Sword Rivens having no effect when equipped.


  • Fixed an issue where Clients downed while using Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Wukong’s Primal Fury, or Valkyr’s Hysteria would be unable to switch weapons when revived.
  • Fixed players suffering from low FPS resulting in slow casting times for Nidus’ Virulence.
  • Fixed low FPS affecting Mesa’s Peacemaker damage per second. 
  • Fixed a couple cases where abilities could become permanently blocked in Archwing.
  • Fixed Syandanas being huge for Clients joining in progress in Archwing.
  • Fixed elevators in the Grineer Sealab tileset not displaying context action correctly. 
  • Fixed fog problems on some systems running DirectX 10.
  • Fixed Chat not immediately switching to the Squad channel when in the loading screen.
  • Fixed the TennoCon 2017 Syandana bunching up when equipped on Mesa.
  • Fixed Operator not continuing to sprint after jumping if the player was and is still holding the sprint key before they jumped.

You guys just broke displaying primary and secondary weapons outside the arsenal (At least while in the orbiter).

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Id love some kuva missions fixes. Ive been farming a lot of kuva lately, and its so anoying when the kuva clouds keep getting stuck on wall/floors or worse... when the kuva braids are "detecting" kuva clouds and they either take too long to spawn or dont at all, making the missions very stressful. I hope it gets fixed soon

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Atomos is now invisible and you can't see the beam but it still does damage. It's hilarious. EDIT: You don't see the primary beam but you can see the secondaries beams

Bow are invisible too.

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