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Suggestions: Warframe Idea, Weapon Ideas


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Hey, just thought that I could toss some thoughts in here, maybe give the devs an idea or two.

(I'll even toss a piece of awful concept art)

New Weapons:

Spear or Glaive - This has been suggested a few times before - a melee weapon with a larger than average reach, slower, animations similar to the Bo staff. Normal attacks would pretty much be like that of the Bo staff, but the charge would be more of a thrust, like an actual spear, dealing more damage to a single target.

Stats would be somewhere along the lines of...

Damage - 40

Rate - 0.7

Charge - 90 (Armour Piercing)

Charge Rate - 1.25

Range - (2x that of the skana by default)

Here's some terrible concept art.



Impact Hammer - Think Unreal Tournament; basically the lovechild between a jackhammer and a shotgun. Normal attack does very little damage, but staggers enemies, whereas the charged attack would deal considerably more damage and knock enemies down. Normal attacks would have quick animations, but slow recovery. The charged attack would take a little bit longer to fire than the Fragor or Scindo.

Stats would be like:

Damage: 10

Rate: 0.5

Charge: 100

Charge Rate: 0.3

Range: 1

And here's an actual picture of UT's impact hammer if you didn't know what it looked like.



Submachine Gun - Should speak for itself. Less of a machine pistol like the Furis, more beefy/weighty. Would deal around the same damage as the Braton, maybe a bit less, but with a much faster firing rate and less accuracy. This would be a primary weapon.

Proposed stats:

Damage: 13

Rate: 20

Accuracy : 20

Clip Size: 60

Carrying Capacity: 500 (Rifle archetype)

Shouldn't really need a picture for this, and I don't want to subject you guys to more terrible paint drawings.


Railgun/BFG - Tenno BFG; fires one extremely high-damage projectile, knocks down enemies, doesn't carry much ammo, has to be charged before firing, and bores through multiple enemies. Should be pretty self-explanatory.

Balance obviously comes into play here because it would be a serious competitor with the Snipetron, so I thought that where the Snipetron fills a general sniper niche, and can be used throughout the level due to carrying a reasonable amount of ammo, the Railgun/BFG could be used in groups as a boss-slayer, dealing a massive amount of burst damage to a single target.

You would not be able to pick up ammo for this weapon on missions.

Proposed Stats:

Damage: 400

Rate: 1

Accuracy: 90

Clip Size: 1

Carrying Capacity: (Anywhere between 2 and 5 cartridges, depending on how playtesting goes)

Charge Speed: 2-3 seconds.



Okay, I'm terrible at creative names so I'm going to abstain from trying to name it; this warframe would be built around moving enemies around the battlefield in a very physical manner. The skills will explain it.

First Skill: Fires a short-range harpoon at a target, dealing a moderate amount of shield-ignoring damage. If the enemy is killed, the enemy is pulled towards the warframe, allowing the second ability to be used.

Damage: 100/200/300

Range (Measured in cargo-box widths): 2/2.5/3

Energy: 25

Second Skill: After pulling a target towards the Warframe, you may launch the enemy in the direction your crosshair is pointing, knocking over light enemies and staggering heavy enemies, as well as dealing a reasonable amount of set damage. Enemies fired by this skill would have to have considerably less velocity than enemies pinned to walls by the Bolto in order to avoid looking hilarious.

Damage: 200/350/500

Range (Cargo-box widths): 10/15/20

Energy: 25

Third Skill: Token mobility skill - fires a grappling hook that travels a short direction, and after reaching an object/wall/unfortunate enemy, pulls you along with it.

Damage: 50/100/150

Range (Cargo-boxes again): 4/6/8

Energy: 50

Fourth Skill: Get-out-of-jail-free card. The warframe charges forward extremely fast - the first target that is struck by this ability is tethered to the warframe, impaling them and charging a considerable distance with the unlucky target, dealing high damage to the attached enemy and knocking them down if they're still alive, as well as knocking back any nearby enemies in the way of the charge.

Damage: 1250/1750/2250

Range: Pretty much the same as an Excalibur's sword charge.

Energy: 100


Okay, that's all I've got for now. Feeback would be great, sorry if the style doesn't match Warframe's current aesthetics.

Thanks for reading through my poor formatting.

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