XB1 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

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July 21 11AM Status Update:

Chains of Harrow is coming to XB1 on Monday July 24!!

Check out the harrowing hub site here: https://www.warframe.com/chains-of-harrow 



July 19 10:42AM Status Update:

As we currently await to hear about the Cert process, please take a second to read about the Chains of Harrow Remaster Build: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/819865-xb1-chains-of-harrow-remaster-build/


July 15 12:58AM Status Update:

The Chains of Harrow build has been sent to Cert! We will update this thread with more information when we have it :community:


Hello Xbox One Tenno!

The console team are still aiming to submit the Chains of Harrow build to Cert TODAY! We have grabbed everything up until Update 21.0.5 plus some cherry-picked changes and fixes afterwards. 


What you can get excited for in this update:

  • New Warframe: Harrow
  • New Quest: Chains of Harrow
  • New Augments for Excalibur, Mag, Volt, and Chroma
  • New Weapons: Scourge and Knell
  • New Grineer Enemy: Chem Strike Nox
  • New Captura Rooms and Mandachord Instrument Packs
  • New Customizations: Nave Syandana and Suffragon Harrow Helmet
  • Returned Gamemode: Defection (was previously Evacuation from The Pacifism Defect) 
  • Operation Ambulas Reborn Syndicate Mods
  • Earth Remastered
  • Dual-Wield Mode
  • Previously Released TennoGen Items:
    • Mag Knaita Skin by prosetisen 
    • Oberon Destrier Helmet by Rekkou 
    • Mirage Graxx Skin by Faven_PS 
    • Aquiros Syandana by led2012
  • Tons of Changes and Fixes!

We will update this thread with more information as the submission process develops!

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Time is the most valuable resource you have because time spent can not be regained. Digital Extremes you men and women have put a lot of time into Warframe.

I have very few game development companies I truly appreciate and trust, you guys are one of them. Thank you for the hard work you do!

Also super excited for the "landscape" addition and hope you make more.

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