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Lunaro Arena Captura Scene

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Before you read this, I'd like to point out that:

- No, I don't play Conclave unless I really have to (In this case I wanted something from Teshin).

- Yes, This might be wrong forum to make a complain/statement, But it was closest to what I had in mind.

So, I worked for 2 weeks to rank up in conclave and get enough standing for Lunaro Arena scene, because I thought It would make awesome scene to take some good shots. But when I went in it, I noticed that you can only use Arcata (Lunaro's weapon) only. Now I sort of feel disappointed, embarrassed and betrayed at the same time, because I had NO idea you can't use weapons in this specific scene. It was not told anywhere.


 I love Captura, it's where I spend almost half of my time, So if it is possible, could you PLEEEEASE change it so you can use weapons in Lunaro Arena scene? It looks amazing,and I'd love to make awesome shots with my friends with it but It won't be possible if we are limited to use Arcata. 

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