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Founders Package


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At the moment the Prime items in the founders package all have their "Pro" component pre-unlocked. This needs to be made a little clearer as I had to check the news in the forums to work that out.

What I suggest is the following:

1. Make more than 1 prime skin (excalibur prime, loki prime and so on)

2. At the $50 tier user can choose a single prime skin and gets an extra character slot

3. At the $100 tier user can choose 2 prime skins, the prime weapons and gets 2 extra characters lots

4. At the $250 tier user gets all the prime skins, the prime weapons and 3 extra character slots

At the moment, the $50 package is the only one I will consider, but priced like this the $100 option becomes very attractive and I think the adoption of the $250 package would also be higher.

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