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Maps and special movement options.


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Sorry if this has been covered before, I searched and couldn't find any threads relevant to this particular topic.

So first I just want to say that what we have is amazing. Maps are very well made and sliding/flipping are excellent for getting around certain things. Wallrunning is also very cool, makes me feel much more like a ninja.

However, most of the special movement options we have available usually aren't very practical for getting around during missions. I personally only use slides and flips to escape or avoid enemies. Wallrunning is a rarity unless i'm just trying to do stylish kills and even then I can only do this in specific rooms.

The problem, from what I have observed and experienced, is that there are so few areas where using these abilities to get around would even equal just either running, jogging, or crouching. For the maps we do have, areas that we can use these abilities in do not have the boundaries defined well enough for us to tell whether they could be used or not.

For example, most walls in ship based missions have flat wall pannels with round textured pillars in between them. You would think that you couldn't wall run on these walls, but surpisingly enough, your tenno will run around the pillars as if they weren't even considered an obstical. This tells us that perhaps rounded walls will not hinder our progress, but have you seen any rounded walls in any mission yet? Another example is the rather long hallways with either 1 or 2 staircases leading up to doors. There are guardrails just in front of the walls there that you wouldn't think would stop you from wall running. Surprise again, you can't. You can not run on the walls and you can not stand on the guardrail.

Sliding is very strange in that if you start sliding from the air, you gain a small boost of speed; faster than average sprint speed (Loki need not apply). Also sliding doesn't speed up when going down slopes or stairs.

Flipping from a slide provides a slightly higher jump height than just standing and jumping or running and jumping. Combined with the ability to occasionally grab on to ledges, this allows you to quickly scale some leveled surfaces. But some guardrails do not allow you to grab on and jump up. Flipping from a slide has, what seems like, a 50/50 chance of you rolling upon contact with the ground again even if you didn't fire/swing your weapon in the air.

Vaulting over waist-high obsticals is insanely rare for me. It has only ever happened on a specific guard rail and even then it's a complete toss up for whether or not it happens. This may also be because waist-high obsticals are kind of rare despite having an option to vault over them. Perhaps more of them and maybe something to prompt us to vault over and dice up our foes rather than crouch and occasionally pop up to blast someone's head off with our long range shotguns of DOOM would be some help to this feature.

The point i'm trying to make here is this: The maps are fantastic but do not factor in the special movement abilities granted to us or just do not define that the abilities are even possible for the area. I'm not saying that we'd absolutely have to master them to cross certain obsticals; not everyone is that pro, but certainly include alternate routes for those of us who do fancy ourselves pro or maybe provide more areas where they would be practical for efficiently dealing with enemies or just getting around.

Thanks for reading.

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They already did it in two rooms in the new asteroid base of grineers. I think they have this in mind.

But does it allow you to get around/kill your enemies faster/more efficiently? Only when i'm running away from chargers for me.

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Grineer are too good shots, they'll hit you from any distance, no matter how fast you move. I'd like to see some change to this.

Doesn't really make the fancy looking wallrunning and flipping so usefull when the grineer just shoot you down.

So, yeah, it's just better to duck behind a cover.

But what comes to mobility itself, I've tried to wallrun everytime there's something what could be wallrun friendly.

And I have noticed that you sure can cover pretty long distances like that.

But it's really not that useful in combat.

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Grineer are too good shots, they'll hit you from any distance, no matter how fast you move.

THIS 100%!!!!!!!!!!! Was really dissapointed when I realized that this game A) Requires you to hide behind objects to avoid being hit, and B) Has no cover system. I'm not saying I WANT a cover system, I just want movement to have more of an impact on combat. Not like "I'm moving so he can't hit me!", but more like "If i zig-zag into a roll, his bullets will fly in different directions instead of always hitting me." Maybe throw in some invin frames on the roll to make it usable in combat?

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