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Grineer Terminals DANCING to Octavia's Music


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Octavia's Resonator + Synthesis Scanner = DANCING Grineer Mobile Defense Consoles

I was able to do this to all of the mobile defense consoles within this mission.  This was Sortie 3 on Ludi, Ceres.


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1 hour ago, DroopingPuppy said:

But I bet that DE will made some interesting feature inspired by this bug later.

Nah, that'll only happen if we do the following:

  1. Name the terminal.  I submit "Termy, Derpyterm, and Terminal McBoogie as potential monikers.
  2. A comic strip must be created featuring the recently named character.
  3. It has to be reposted on the forums enough for DE to see it.

This will not guarantee that it becomes a real thing in-game, but without this, I can guarantee that it won't.  BUT!  We can do this!

OP, we need you to add a poll to the top of the thread asking which name people prefer.

Then we just need to track down the various Warframe comic artists and beg them all to write a comic strip about this.  I'm certain at least one of them will do so.

We can make this dream a reality, my friends.

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