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Login Rewards kind of unattainable for new players


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28 minutes ago, polarity said:

Maybe purchasing a Prime Access pack could skip the counter forward, say, 100 days (up to the nearest 100 days normally possible).  That would:

  1. Give newer players a way to access the better items sooner.
  2. Give returning veterans a way to catch up (could also be applied retroactively to past prime access purchases).
  3. Give players a new incentive to make purchases that support the game.

Why would a "new player" that let's say 5 days be "equal" to some one thats spent 600 days to get there primed shred. Why is it that if you don't participate you can get the same prize? Cosmetics, prime access, trading, and resources are what makes DE all the money. Fashion frame and building stuff is the incentive.

Your proposed method is the most as steve put it "icky" way to put in a real "pay to win" system.

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