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Chains of Harrow: Update 21.2.0 +

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24 minutes ago, D41M said:

Anyone have trouble to play warframe ? Or am i the only encounter this problem .

Stuck in "Update Fail" screen after update downloaded complete. My net and everything is work normally.

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im in Asia , net all fine , after update done it gets the update fail . Done following after still not working .

1) Verified and Optimize download cache 

2) Unticked bulk download 

3) Deleted cache.windows from Warframe folder and redownloaded the whole file from updater .


Edit : Finally got it working , used Hotspot Shield or I think any VPN would do , once you get it playable you can turn VPN off 



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DE, what the heck is the logic with the Jat Kusar?

  • New heat based Grineer Blade and Whip
  • Give it 80 base heat damage
  • Give it the slowest attack speed of the three Blade and Whips (and another slow status weapon. Seriously, why do we have so many slow status weapons?)
  • Give it, a pure elemental weapon, 5% status chance
  • Give it a 35% crit chance with a 2.5x crit multiplier

I've never seen a weapon in Warframe feel so wrong before. It's purely elemental, so why give it such a negligible status chance and such a high crit chance? With so many players finally realizing how important status chance is due to how broken the armor scaling in this game is, a high crit chance won't mean anything without a full Corrosive Projection squad, a Seeking Shuriken Ash, or and Adarza Kavat.

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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed a rare issue in Dual-Wield mode where your normal equipped Melee attacks wouldn't combo.  

 Dual-Wield mode was impossible for me to use due to this, this is definitelly a Frame Rate related bug.

 It still happens when my FPS drops too low, but it is very very very rare now (2~ attacks out of 50).

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