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Blade Storm Issues


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Sorry if this has already been reported. When I cast Blade Storm as the Ash warframe, most of the time, I teleport to random locations where there aren't any enemies and stab the air. I get a few enemies here and there, but I mostly teleport to nothing.

Also, the range/how many enemies I teleport to is very sporatic. Sometimes I kill 3, sometimes I kill 15. It's all very random. Not sure if that is intended.

A minor visual bug is that I'm using the Fragor, and I still see a stabbing animation. It looks kinda silly when I stab people with a hammer.

That's all. Thanks for all of the work you guys do!


I've been noticing that the first issue I mentioned is sometimes due to attacking enemies that are already dead, and sometimes the character just stabs in the wrong direction, but still kills the enemy. Other times, there aren't any enemies nearby my teleport location and I stab the air as mentioned before.

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Yep same I like this skill but it needs work maybe make the teleport do what blade storm does (Single target ofcourse) and think of somthing else for ult/change how it works maybe telleport faster so it appears he kills a bunch at the same time instead of single targets?

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