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Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.2.1


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Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.2.1

Once again the Prime Vault closes its doors. Rhino Prime, Mag Prime, Ankyros Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, and Boltor Prime (with their respective Prime accessories) return to the Vault until another opportunity arises.

Wild Relics containing these items have been removed from drops, but Inventories will not be touched. Those that possess vaulted Relics may treasure them forever or continue to crack them open for a chance at these items.


  • Optimized Dx10 and Dx11 memory footprint by a further 20-30MB. 
  • Optimized Octavia's special effects slightly.
  • Optimized Color Correction performance for some tilesets.
  • Optimized Fog rendering performance. 
  • Optimized Corpus Sniper AI to reduce time spent looking for place to deploy Ratels; in certain extreme cases this was causing small repeated hitches.
  • Optimized Feral and Chesa Kubrow AI to reduce time spent looking for pickups.
  • Optimized Kuva Dargyn AI to improve performance in Kuva Fortress Assault missions.
  • Improved ambience performance in the Grineer Shipyard and Corpus Ship tilesets. 
  • Removed water caustics when running in Low Shader Quality; this should improve framerate on Earth in particular but other tilesets should benefit in places.


  • Buffed Void Reactant pickup radius to match other auto-pickups.
  • Kuva Siphons are now marked with an in-world marker to improve locatability. 
  • Relocated a Kuva Siphon spawn point in the Infested Corpus ship to a lesser claustrophobic spot.  
  • Searching a Focus school in the Arsenal will now display weapons that have a respective installed Lens.
  • Reduced damage of the Swarmer weapon used by Comba and Scrambus units.
  • Lowered Corpus Tech Fire Rate from 750 to 600 shots per minute and lowered damage from 45 to 25.
  • Improved consistency of Chat context menu option order:
  • Friends: Talk, Invite/Join, Profile
  • Recent: Talk, Invite, Profile
  • Chat: Talk, Invite, Profile
  • Reduced the sound effect volume of Moa headshots. 
  • Reduced muffled sound effect when invisible. 
  • Reduced the sound levels of Anyo and Sark commentators in The Index. 


  • Fixed the Jordas Verdict being uncompletable due to Jordas Golem sometimes not docking in the correct location. 
  • Fixed 4k Endo Sortie reward not showing in Reward list on the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Harrow’s Thurible not reflecting the actual buff amount when Power Strength changes during Channel. 
  • Fixed sometimes dying immediately when being healed with a Warframe ability that removes Viral Status Effects. 
  • Fixed trying to view any Clan Contributions in a mission with Matchmaking set to Solo resulting in your UI locking up.
  • Fixed the hitbox of the Orokin Cryopod defense target on Lua/Stöfler and Uranus/Stephano not being rotated correctly.
  • Fixed sometimes getting stuck in decoration objects (hacking panels, etc) when Transferring to the Operator in close proximity to said object. 
  • Fixed doors sometimes being stuck in the closed position if you joined a mission while the door was open for everyone else.
  • Fixed Sentinel Regen Mod not activating sometimes. 
  • Fixed Clients not seeing explosion FX when Sentinels die.
  • Fixed Grineer Commanders not spawning as Synthesis Targets. 
  • Fixed Kuria Poem displaying incorrectly. 
  • Fixed Silver Grove quest Apothic Codex entries B and C playing the transmissions from entry A.
  • Fixed a rare case of loading into a mission with an empty Mandachord which results in Octavia dealing no damage as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/823653-help-i-broke-my-mandachordoctavia/
  • Fixed walking on air when throwing a charged Glaive in Dual-Wield mode while walking off an edge. 
  • Fixed empty Inventory slots showing the owned/format count element.
  • Fixes towards experiencing a hitch when switching Loadout presets.
  • Fixed hitches when switching to Scanners in the Gear menu.
  • Fixed your Warframe not looking in the direction of the camera after using the pause Menu. 
  • Fixed Status Effect FX lingering forever if Operator Transference happens before the FX ends.
  • Fixed Clients having their Warframe's active invisibility FX break when Transferring back from their Operator.
  • Fixed Operator’s not appearing when viewing another player’s Profile as a Client. 
  • Fixed a script error when a Host Migration occurs right when the mission fails. 
  • Fixed a black screen and functionality loss when selecting Conclave from the mode menu in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed incorrect verbiage when consigning a Companion.

Conclave Changes

  • Cephalons can no longer be carried into the Rift by Limbo in Capture the Cephalon Conclave mode.
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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Lowered Corpus Tech Fire Rate from 750 to 600 shots per minute and lowered damage from 45 to 25.

Can we bring the old Detron crewmen back then since you guys just recently buffed the Detron?  I'm all for balance but I don't like the continued watering-down of enemies.

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Care to do something about mobs hacking interception nods while they are slept? Seriously, this happens all the time where I'll have all the mobs asleep with Ivara, but somehow they manage to capture the node. It's really annoying.

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