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A couple of bugs (asteroid base map)


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Hello. I was playing earlier today, farming some regor for some materials and blueprints, came across a couple of problems. first one is a visual bug:


as you can see, there is a hole in the map through which you can see (cant fall through it or even slide through it, not big enough).

secondly, there was a point where after climbing some horizontal pipes in the boss room i fell through the map indefinitely (kept falling over and over, no damage) till after around 5-7 minutes i "landed" on the roof above the map right at the starting location of that game. i tried to replicate it but it didnt happen again when i had fraps running. i will be uploading a video to show exactly where the problem was.

there we go, thats the vid uploaded.

finally, i noticed something today that im not sure about. during the time i was farming, a few times when the game started i spawned on the other side of the map alone while the other two (rhino frames) were spawning together. at first, i thought it was lag and just waited for the others, then i started to make my way toward the boss only to have the marker change to head for extraction cuz they were at the boss and had already killed him. is this supposed to be a feature or a bug that the players start off in pairs in different locations?

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