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Can we get an option to refuse/return/decline a gift?

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So, recently, I received the following message in my in-game inbox:

Message from Customer Support

During the investigation of a known Platinum reseller, we found several trades of Platinum or Gifts being sent to your account that involved real money transfers.

Any invalid trades or gifts have been reversed and you will find that the Platinum to cover said trades and items you received as gifts have been removed from your account.

Thank you for understanding.

Warframe Support Team.

I'm not certain but I think this was due to an unsolicited gift of a warframe skin that I received a while back (I checked my inventory and it doesn't seem like I got any prime parts back from any reversed trades). Now, I'm not complaining about the lost platinum (it was less than 200, I think), but I would like to have the ability to refuse gifts in the future so this doesn't happen again. As far as I can remember, there was no such option before.

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