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It looks cool but I think it won't get accepted because it looks too close to Oberon Prime Helm. The profile looks amazing but from the front, kinda looks too thin near the bottom. That being said, Oberon Beard pls

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I love love LOVE the Helmet with the lanterns! that is such a cool aesthetic. Oberon is and has been one of my all-time favs...and I would love to add this to my plethora of helmets! Oberon needs more love and this is such an awesome tribute to this frame!

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On 9/1/2017 at 5:30 PM, FrellingHazmot said:

I liked the asymmetry of the horns on V1, it looks a bit too even now imo. Looks awesome nonetheless!

Maybe the bumpmap for the helmet could be asymmetrical for the horns, so it gets some asymmetry from that?

@alexmach1, that helmet is certainly one I'm going to get for my Oberon Prime. Maybe ship it with a skin for the frame to help it mesh together?

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5 hours ago, alexmach1 said:

Final Sculpt



YASS! Man I wish I could have a skin with this too but this is beautiful all by itself!! Can't wait to see it colored! :)

Btw does this beauty have a name?

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