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My Game Wont Work :(((


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1. I dont know where this belongs so I figured out that Ill just put it here.... (sorry if its out of place)




every time I star warframe and go trought the lancher the game starts but I see black screen !!


the game is running, I can hear the login screen...


only problem is that I see sh*t 


I guess its probably something with my monitor maybe its something with resolution or something...


but it worked for me in update 8 so whats changed ?? that my monitor cant keep up ??


If anybody could please give an advise ?


please ... :(

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I would parehaps make a clean install.


That would reset and settings you may have done in the options regarding graphics.


It might aslo do some sort of auto config to your game to initially lower the settings.


If you have tried everything you can think of, then Id try it.


You must do a complete uninstall though, just not a repair. Repair might work if that is

an option, but I often find that a clean install is better.


I do hope you get the game working.




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There should be no need to re install, start the launcher and press the small gear wheel top right, in the new panel that opens click verify, it will scan your files and only download those that are corrupt (assuming this is the cause of the problem).

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