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Extra Movement Causes Unexpected Results...


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i have Rhino - I don't know if this is a problem with other characters. Using Rhino + Schindo or Dark Blade (I suspect that this is the case with all heavy weapons, but those are the only ones I have), trying normal attacks, I have a very difficult time keeping aim on a specific enemies because the animation adds extra moves - sometimes even extra strikes that do not coincide with my left-click. Rhino ends up a step or two past the enemy, with his back to it and I end up wildly spinning to get back in focus on each strike. This supposedly being a melee based fighter is surprising and frustrating, as it stunts the very fighting style it was built for.


The other thing in the same vein, is the extra rolling when landing from a jump, or climbing (after reaching the top). There should be a stickiness to landing - like a gymnast - rather than this unstable floaty, rolling motion. It is already hard to keep up with the other Warframes - adding extra flopping or rolling makes it so they can just leave Rhino in the dust. The recovery period (from an overoll) is far too long. The animation from a high jump has him "gathering himself" - which should not be necessary. There is frequent ramp. path misses because he rolls right past them. There is frequent falling into the unplayable areas because of this extra rolling. Its very loosey goosey.


I hope you guys work on the character's movement and animation to tighten it up so we can have a more solid, fluid experience. We need the characters movements to be more predictable and to be planted. Thank you.

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