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What Does This Suppose Mean? :c



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dear Brandon


i really never hacked on the account. i think you don't belive me but i can give you some proofs. 


1. almost all my forum posts are about: how to get exp the fastest way, where can i get plastids very fast. etc etc etc...


if i had hacks i never asked that stuff.. 


2. if i had hacks, i won't buy platinum, i hope you know most people are not that stupid..


3. i have spend more than 50 euro at this game. 50 euro for the development. because i like this game alot.


4. if you ban me about my playtime i already told the support that it was bugged 1 month ago: my previous tickets are about that: PROOF: http://prntscr.com/1gdkrt


please unban me, this is not fair DeBrandon. 

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When you send a support ticket, you will get a no-reply message back to say that it's been received. They just need to get into reviewing it since they are constantly getting support tickets, among other things.


It took me nearly a week to get my reply, and when I replied to the reply, it took only a day (since they are already active on the issue). I hope it takes less time for you, and that you won't run into any more issues than that. The auto-ban thing is always bound to hit innocents, which is why I always cringe at the use of it even if I acknowledge the effective sides.


In any case, for now try to be patient.

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