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Exploding Chargers?


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I've noticed that one of the worst issues with the shooting mechanics is (in my opinion) the fact that enemy corpses stay in place dancing around, having a cup of tea and occasionally taking your shots.

Mind you, I'm not saying they should be insubstantial, if you feel like shooting half a Gorgon magazine into a corpse go ahead, but the fact that the enemies stay in place for several seconds after being killed is aggravating and makes my monocle pop off.

In most cases elemental effects are to blame, and of course the real solution would be to make enemies drop down when killed (instead of having them play DDR in place), but chargers would still be a pain. They are the worst offenders when it comes to stopping bullets. It's as if the bastards have Bullet Attractor on them when they die.


So I was thinking to myself: wouldn't it be cool if Chargers exploded when killed just like old Disrupters did? (they exploded into a cloud of spores and physx - no stagger like Runners)

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makes my monocle pop off.

Nearly lost me to the giggles right there.

Yeah, infested are not the only offenders here. Grineer and crewmen also do this (often taking up the WWRRRYYYYY pose upon death).

There are a couple solutions to this issue. First, and most simply, making such corpses intangible to bullets (they pass straight through).

Second, as you suggested, special death animations for enemies depending on faction. 

Perhaps as follows?

Infested: exploding into physx/spores or dissolving into the ground

Grineer: Going Mr.Potatohead mode after their mechanical bodies fail from too much damage (pop limbs start malfunctioning and pop off, dropping them to the ground and out of the way)

Corpus: Moas, for the most part are fine, but maybe crewmen's suits start failing? Oxygen contained within causes them to burst into flame occasionally? Or maybe they just can't stand the weight of their boxhead in their weakened state and dive straight into the ground.


Whatever the solution, it's worth looking into.

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