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[Warframe Concept] [Wip] Kerr The Gravity Based Warframe


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Continued from previous thread


Name: Kerr

Master of gravity, able to utilize This primal force to either defend his allies, or literally crush his enemies. He does this through the use of Zero Point Radiation to control the gravitational force

Kerr is a Tankish frame, with his above average shield and armor with low sprint speed. He is a team player, able to throw bombs that can slow enemies, block projectiles, and keep his allies from falling to their foe. While he does lack some in the offensive department, he more than makes up for it in defensive ability. His powers are based in ideas presented in quantum theory such as string theory and the idea of gravitons, quantum vacuum, and zero point energy

Info on some of the theoretics behind Kerr's abilities




1.Gravity bomb: throws a gravity bomb that slows enemies in a 5m radius for 10sec dealing light damage (200 DMG) effected by power range

2. Heavy: increases nearby warframes resistance to knockdown (50% resistance) and increases melee dmg by 20% but slow them by 10% for a 10sec duration effected by power duration and strength (slow down not increased by focus)

3. Chronosphere: creates a sphere of high gravity with an 8m radius dropping bullets to the floor and knocking down enemies who attempt to enter 25sec duration increased by power duration and power range

4. Graviton: Kerr creates a temporary gravity well crushing anything within a 10m radius, deals 1000 DMG and is effected by power strength and power range

Polarities - V D


Health: 125

Shield: 125

Energy: 100

Armor: 100

Speed: 0.9

Shield regen: 22.5/sec

Suggestions and ideas? Let's make this frame awesome :-)

Attack Animation Considerations: Keep in mind that when making a Gravity based frame your going to have some special things to do with lighting to make it a bit more realistic. Gravity from an observer perspective will blueshift light when in a gravity well due to the decrease in wavelength so when inside Chronosphere or when using Graviton the Level lighting should temporarily shift toward cool end of the spectrum. Gravity Bomb has an explosion then a temporary gravitational field that would possibly cause redshift for the emitted light from the initial blast due to the wavelength increase after the light leaves the gravity field.

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Reduced heavy base knockdown resistance as it can be modded with focus, now with a maximum of 65% resistance. Also added %melee DMG increase which has a max of 26% with focus

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Edited Heavy to add a drawback in relation to how it would work and the nature of Kerrs abilities, you cant make the frames heavier without them also loosing speed. Also increased health and spd slightly to make up for some of the introduced drawbacks with his abilities such as the lower range, decreased speed from heavy, and shorter duration of Chronosphere vs snow globe

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Here is my suggestion for a ult.

Dark Energy

Kerr uses the power of the Dark Energy to shred the atoms of his enemies.

Not really sure that fits in with his abilities :3 Edited by Ecotox
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