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Host Migrations (All Day Long)


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I just did a few defense (and other missions but mostly defense) for some resources and every time i have a host migration followed by a forced game leave to multi-player menu. I have also no problems with my internet connection. I'm currently connected with the internet with around 95 Mb/s up- and download (GlassFiber).

I also hate it when i invite a friend to a game and the host leaves, while we are being transferred to different games respectively.

And with difficulty buffs it is almost impossible to solo missions.

As a founder it has severely reduced my will to play warframe because of those jerky hosts who keep disconnecting from every game I join.

I would like to hear if others have the same problem and are annoyed by this.



Fast internet hur hur hurrr :3 .

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Only real fix to this issue is for DE to build servers on each region for everyone to connect with.. If a player gets disconnected only he will be disconnected and would have no need for a host migration.


I for one cannot host at the moment since I have just exceeded my internet limit forcing me to wait till next month before it resets, thou I can still join games. It just makes hosting impossible for me and thus playing with friends more difficult [unless they host]..

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The problem more then likely is people playing in regions they shouldn't be playing in. Your internet throughput don't mean anything when playing a multiplayer game. Yes it means SOMETHING, but not in as much of a drastic measure as the OP is making it out too be. 


The distance between you and the host determines the type of experience you will have while playing online, Called Latency or "Ping". Just look up throughput and latency, they mean two different things. You could have 500mb/sec down and up, but it don't mean anything if the person is on the other side of the world. 


Host migration should only happen if the host LEAVES the game. Again has nothing to do with your connection. Basically your either getting unlucky with who your connecting with (they are probably too far away from you). This basically means that the ingame "Latency setting" don't work.


I also have issues connecting to people on DSL (I'm on Cable). I will ping (have a low latency to them) fine, but once in game.. it is not. 


Either way. I hit a game everynow and then that is unplayable. Most of the time it is people from overseas ( I live in Canada ), playing on the USEast setting, or people in the west trying to play with people in the East etc. 

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Got the same problem since 2 or 3 days now.


Very annoying when you are on you way back to the extraction area. I dont think that every other host leaves after completing the mission target or for example at wave 9 or 10.


I think they backpatched some things. Host mitgration was a problem a few months ago as well as longer ways to the exits than to the mission target from the start. They fixed it, now its back again.


I also experience problems joining groups or alerts. I have to restart the client again from time to time to be able to see alerts that are posted.


Doesnt make much sense playing for me now If you can barley make it to wave 5 or 10 without mitgration.



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