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Loki - From God Of Ruse To King Of Fools


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I am a long time Loki player and I wanted to share my opinions of some of the changes that he has received. Before he used to be a top tier frame, ideal for rushing bosses and saving downed teammates. Loki used to be the undisputed king of defense, you would drop down a decoy in an unreachable spot and enjoy an easy time of farming defense rewards. There are pros and cons to how he used to work and many cons to how he works now. The only consist aspect of the frame is that he is an amazing melee DPS class. Here is what I think of his abilities and stats:



bring back his 1.6 speed, or at least make it 1.4, he is terribly slow now and it's a joke that a Rhino can run about as fast as a Loki, who is supposedly the "fastest" frame, with only 0.10 more speed than Ash, this nerf was a joke and it goes against what the "Loki" playstyle is.



This skill used to be broken, completely and utterly broken, you would drop one in a spot where enemies could not attack it and they would stand idle wondering what to do, while you just cleave them down. Right now it's useless for anything other than being a convenient target for Switch Teleport. It having HP and Shields means that in a late to endgame scenario, decoy gets killed in one to two hits, making it nearly uses for actually being a decoy. What I would like to see is a decrease in duration and a removal of it's HP and Shields. It is a hologram, not a paper mache clone. It does the same as the Chaos ability, without actually doing any damage to the enemies, a scaling of 5/10/15/20  in duration would put it just under Chaos as a crowd control ability, and it's aggro range would be reduced as opposed to the range on Chaos. 


-What's wrong with it: It gets one-shotted on high levels and is pretty useless outside of being a switch teleport target.

-How do we fix it: Remove it's HP/Shields component and give it a scaling duration of 5/10/15/20.


This skill is pretty much perfect, I would like for it to cloak the sentinel too, because it's just kind of stupid that it doesn't, but otherwise it's fine. It will be nice if it added 200% damage to normal attacks, just so that charge-spam stops being the only way to plauy.


-What's wrong with it: Doesn't cloak sentinel, perpetuates the problem if melee charge attacks being the only viable option.

-How do we fix it: Make it cloak the sentinel and give a static 200% boost to all melee damage. Scaling of 4/6/8/10 to balance the changes.


*Switch Teleport



*Radial Disarm

This ability is rather interesting. In certain situations it's a godsend (T3 Defense, renders Fusion Moas and Fusion Drones unable to destroy the pod) in others it can make a bad situation worse (Grineer or Corpus defense, forces high level enemies to go 1 shot your team mates with a melee attack). It's widely regarded as being of the most useless Ultimate abilities in the game, and rightly so, considering that there are many regular abilities which do it's job better (Snowglobe, Bastille, Chaos etc.) My only idea on how to un-f*ck disarm would be to make it reduce the damage enemies deal, to a scaling percentage, to make it viable in the endgame, because right now you disarm Corpus Tech [109] and he just smacks you once and you are incapped.

-What's wrong with it: Worst ult in the game, sometimes does more harm than good.

-How do we fix it: Make it reduce enemy damage by a percentage, to make it a viable option in the end game.


If anyone else has any input as to have to make Loki better, feel free to post here and maybe DE will decide to bring back the God of Ruse.

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Well, I didn't get to try Loki before this supposed "nerf", but with a maxed rush on he goes ridiculously fast. Was he seriously faster before?

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First off, I agree with the proposed tweaks for Loki, but I personally think that he can benefit from some knockback and stun on his abilities to better fit the crowd control role.

Something like that:



I agree that it should have unlimited life so that it can be more relied upon (for a fast getaway for example)


1) When the decoy is struck in melee, shocks the attacker, decreasing the time it takes for the decoy to disappear.


2) On start and/or end of the decoy's life discharge an energy burst that staggers medium and light opponents.



Should cloak the sentinel too. Or give that synergy ability to Shade, because currently, even when you equip it and try to invis to the objective, it'll decloak sometime and alert enemies. Also, Bombards and napalms will just kill you outright with splash damage when all they really see is a sentinel.


 Switch Teleport

As a suggestion, it should stagger non-heavy opponents near you on the "exit"(and/or "entry") side, so that you may use invis or disarm, for example.


 Radial Disarm

A buff suggestion: as an energy outburst this is, in addition to its current effects (which should be revised anyway, it pops Lancers and Elite Lancers while it was probably intended to do so to Chargers only; also, legless Runners still run?)

it should

-Knockdown non-heavy units and stun heavies for a time;

-Turn Leapers and Runners into Crawlers (if possible with the current engine)

-Put out temporary fires and toxic clouds.



The reasons behind suggested buffs:


 Disarm: other ults disable all enemies for a while AND deal damage, while Loki's currently only disarms them, which isn't really all that better or even on par. However, a wave of energy that's powerful enough to destroy Chargers should pack enough punch to knock over armored enemies and blow out dangerous gases


Switch tele: proposed buffs help such tactics as either jumping into a crowd and cloaking yourself to do maximum damage (if it stuns enemies on target side), or a grand escape which leaves your enemies with your target object and in a confusion state (should it stun enemies when you "enter")


 Invisibility: have been brought up already.


 Decoy: to add to what's been said already, I think that it should have more impact on the enemies than Saryn's Moult, for example.


Remember that all of those suggestions are just that, suggestions based on the impressions I got from playing Loki in its current state.

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Loki was my first frame, and is my second favorite. I loved him before with his abilities. I felt like a master trickster, and I could go invisible and kill everything in 1 shot with my gram's charge attack. Now he feels less than up to par with the "god frames."


I like the idea of making decoy invulnerable. I also didn't see why a hologram could be damaged. I wouldn't like a shortened duration though.


Invisibility is fine, and just needs to cloak sentinel. Maybe if everyone feels a boost in the normal attack damage is needed then that's fine. I just wanna 1 hit things with my gram's charge attack.


I feel like Switch Teleport is gonna get nerfed. Either they're gonna take off its ability to switch with your decoy, but if that happens I'm gonna be really pissed off. Don't touch Switch Teleport, DE.


Radial Disarm just needs to take away everyone's weapon, and leave them COMPLETELY offenseless. No more sticks of ultimate destruction, no more infested running with 1 leg, no more bull crap. Make the enemies run behind boxes, and piss their pants when they hear the footsteps of their trickster god getting closer.

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