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Foundry Ideas


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the whole found items make things is fine and all... however there are two ideas i have.

a slot for foundry weapons. "well what does that mean?" in order to make the bolto, you need a lato. but in order to get that you need a weapon slot, some people do not have the luxary of getting plat and then getting slots, but still want to try out weapons. so perhaps a slot to put a weapon into that is for creating other weapons? it is a rough idea, but im sure someone will see it and go "idea!"

the second idea is multi- crafting. in order to get the akbolto, you need two boltos.. BUUUT you can only make one at a time. so, why not add the option to make both at the same time? if you have the stuff you need, you should be able to make it!

simple enough... i think. ideas?

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