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Eastern Competition


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So... PvP. It doesn't fit in Warframe because Tenno don't fight each other. (What Stalker?) We can still "fight" each other in the context of friendly sparring in our dojos. Sparring is pretty Eastern. It was basically one of three pre-Edo Japanese sports. Err, I say that rather loosely, as normally pre-Edo "sparring" entailed martial arts, not shooting at each other with space-shotguns. (The other sports I'm referring to are sumo wrestling and shooting arrows at things. That was life before video games.) (Also we need archery ranges.)


What other things could Tenno do for competitive fun and leisure? The Orokin have tables strewn throughout their towers where I'm willing to bet they drank tea and played some kind of awesome space-board game like tri-dimensional shogi, or space go. (I'm totally serious in my belief that after core game development simmers down, DE should let us play Tenno-shogi.)

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