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Rhino Iron Skin Tweak


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maybe some people have notice when your iron skin reachs the damagelimit by a stomp attack or similar you get knocked down.

My idea is that Iron Skin should block this effect even if it goes off after the hit. That you have the chance to reactivate Iron Skin. And there should be a visual effect when it goes off :)


some additions:


there should be a displayed how much HP of the Iron Skin is left that you exactly know when its going to fail.

and another thing is: when its nearly faded you cannot reactive it cause its still in use. Maybe it should regain its strengh like the shields after a few seconds out of combat

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Yeah. definitely nice idea.
Yo got your IS on, you are meleeing a disruptor peacefully and BAM! Now you are lying on the floor with no energy nor shields. You get up, and that's when your IS breaks. It's like WTF?

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