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Ui - Essential Updates [My Personal Opinion]

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Unload all mods for your weapon or warframe when customizing because it seems unnecessary to have to remove them individually!

Favourite Mod loadout preset that saves your preferences and is wiped when you polarize any weapon/warframe.


Favourite Colour Scheme for Warframe, Primary, Secondary and Melee. I like to mix it up but I really don't like having to sit there and navigate for all of my favorite colours all over again ....


When trying to go back to the solar system view and you can't 'zoom out' it glitches and the options to do so disappear!!!

Gear purchases x00(times a quantity) I often find myself not being able to buy enough rifle ammo for the gorgon etc before the count down to the next mission when playing with friends. :/

Weapon Damage type and Crit chance to be listed when it's equiped please I find it impractical going to the wiki constantly to find this stuff out because it isn't shown when I equip a weapon. Maybe - Damage type icons?

An in game faq section where I can do all the research I need because warframe wiki is sometimes riddled with ads and it crashes my steam web browser overlay and tabbing out can on the rare occasion cause issues with V-sync etc.

I may edit this post or add to it if I can think of anything else and I'd really appreciate if DE would look at these issues thanks. =]




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