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[Video] Xini Defense Auto-Loss


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I see your problem, Loki :)

Well played!  (jerk)   :)



how many have you won previously?

Not sure what you mean by this...


I solo Xini all the time, its not actually hard to get to wave 5 with Loki... getting to wave 10 is more of a challenge.

I had no previous wins on Xini in that game session.

You can clearly see the pod is at full health just before the mission fail, nothing is attacking it, and its wave 1 (nothing on-shot it)


Hope that answers your question.

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Pretty much the opposite happened to me once, the stalker attacked before the defense properly started and went to town on the fridgecoffin. We whoop his &#! and when it actually starts the pod has -40% health so it was undead or something and infested could damage it but it didn't seem to matter, I have screenshots on steam I will show them if need be. 


Yep buggy mess but i-i-it's a BETA!

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Happened to me as well. Also its still possible to loose the mission because of destroying the "pod" with melee weapons.


Happens to me all the time, charge attack with Hate, pod destroyed mission lost.

Well, at least in this video I can clearly see the pod is unmolested just before the fail, and I'm no where near it to hit it with my swing... its still 100%.


That I got 3 in a row, that kinda shot the whole evening.  My RQ came the next day as the bugs and stuff just kept getting worse... for me the game us just about unplayable right now.

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Yes, i adressed 2 problems i encountered often when farming xini solo.


1. Like in youre video, im no where near the pod, its at 100% one enemy is hitting the pod, Mission lost pod from 100% to 0% in 1 second.


2. Melee charged swing at an enemy on the pod (100%), pod destroyed, mission lost.

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Have been noticing this much more often as of late. Yesterday on wave 30something there was that typical bugged infested in the elevator stopping the next wave from starting. We were all at the pod just chatting and goofing around letting it regen hp as we had a toxic ancient die a bit too close. It gets to full hp, I flip jump over to go kill him and boom- mission failed before I even got a chance to put my sights on him.


Sometimes the pod will also refuse to regen shields.

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