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Think We Should Have A Cover System?


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Short answer: No


Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Non-joke answer: People have asked about it before, the devs don't want it because they believe it breaks the flow of the gameplay, and I agree with them. There's an option to switch shoulder cameras, that's good enough. 

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It's not a bad thing. But it won't work for this game.


The game generally too fast paced. Unless you're going on Solo with a squishy Frame.


I'd like to have it, but don't care for it.


For covering, I'd just crouch behind a cover or something and use it that way.


Too many problem with cover system.


You know...Sticking to cover when not meant to.


Trying to get out of cover, but kept pressing the wrong key and unable to get out.



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