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Clan Dojo, Fighting Simulator


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This is a random thought and I am not sure if anyone thought of this before hand but I am just going to put it out right now and hopefully you guys will like this idea.


What if, you guys could make a fighting simulator room. Where it would spawn the enemies like in the old tutorial and the mastery tests. You could set it up any way you want and you can just mess around and kill guys for tests. I know this idea isn't that good but I thought it would be cool if you could make a holographic fight simulator room to mess around in.


Or what if instead of you fighting them, you could make them fight each other and watch for your amusement.


Like I said it's just a random idea I wanted to post, I doubt it'll ever be used.


Thank you for reading this.

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It would be Awesome if you have to go to the Dojo to enter your Mastry Rank Tests. "The Testing Grounds" Room maybe?

The place you take your mastery tests in is the White Tower. I suppose you could have something like it in the Dojo, though.

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