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Your warframe colours?


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I don't really favor any specific color. In online games, red is kind of my signature color. It wasn't always like that, I just kind of fell into it. But, other colors may look better on certain things instead of red.



I think red, white and black looks pretty nifty on Excalibur. Everytime I look at mine, I'm reminded of Spawn/Venom/Carnage.



I'm still trying to find a nice balance for my Ash.



I found blue and white to fit Volt more appropriately than other colors.

I bought the extended colors and I'm certainly pleased with them. All of the colors on Ash and Excalibur, and the white on my Volt, with the exception of Energy, are the extended colors. I've noticed that the default Energy colors are not available even with the extended color picker.

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Let me tell you, even with all of that toned down in options. There happens to be this single star? That shows up to the right of my character when I'm messing with the colors and still blinds me. haha Game is forever trolling. I see you have removed bloom good sir, here have this massive len's flare effect from a star, to blind you every now and again, so you never forget!

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