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Warframe cap level 30


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Oh... Thank you )

This is sad... To level up a warframe it takes about a week, to farm and craft new about two or three weeks... :(

took me 4 days to get my 2nd warframe 1 day to craft all 3 parts 3 days to craft the warframe itself.

if your low on cash then sell all the really low under lvl 30 mods but remember to keep certain ones for when you level up that new warframe. gathering mats is easy just get the really low required mats from bosses on said planet that provides said mat.

im crafting Frost fully as we speak.

you can also use your lvl 30 weapons on your new warframe so leveling should be easy.

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Yeah, i understand it ))

But 4 days is only for craft process, and also it takes time to farm recources, farm blueprints )) Maybe just a bad luck for me, i spend a week and don't have all i need for new warfame.

Thank you anyway.

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Either that or make the lvl cap basically unreachable. My friend was playing a game, idk how it was called, and he said he`s playing it for a year and still didnt reach the lvl cap. Idk if it would be suitable for this game but my 2 cent about it..


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